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Company Name LinkFlix (Visitor)
Main Business Eco-friendly products manufacturing
CEO Dooil Kim
Country South Korea
Business Address  Busan 
Type of Participation Startups
A New Enterprise with Innovative Technology
Person in Charge Name Mun-Hyang Jang Department
Attachment 링크플릭스SMK_델타텍코리아_211026.pdf
Organization Description Link Flix has been established from the imagination of an adhesive that is easy to remove as strong as it hold free from environmental damage, biodegradable, and harmless.
With its own R&D center and continuous investment into R&D, Link Flix is accelerating in the research and development of new products and products for export.
Link Flix is striving to bring futuristic and environmental adhesive and bio-additives to everyone – a delivery to you just like in the movies.